To My Old Woman

So, today, V turned 30. If she were an ancient Jewish guy, this would be the age at which she finally became a real man. But, since she is a gal, she has been a woman for quite some time. Anyway, this post is for her.

V, I have loved every minute of the life we have spent together. I have not known you for all 30, but the past 9 years or so that I have known you, you have been the bright spot in my life. You make me smile (if even just inside) and, despite my kicking and screaming, you have made me a better man. Probably the times I have loved the most are when we are on the move to a new city, country, or unknown locale. But quiet times spent at home with you doing yoga are good for the soul.

I love how you want to be a better person, and the older you get, the better you become. Which is just like two of my favorite things- cheese and wine. Funny: cheese, wine and V (there is a song in there somewhere). I am proud to be known as yours and look forward to the awesome life that remains for us to share.

To my best wife (not that I have more than one), friend and lover, I say sincerely: Happy, happy birthday.


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