“Will the World End in 2012” by Raymond Hundley

About 2 weeks ago I finished reading, “Will the World End in 2012: A Christian guide to the question everyone’s asking” by Raymond Hundley, PhD. The book explores the top ten predictions being circulated about the world ending in 2012- most of them deriving from or centering around either the Mayan long-count calendar or the increase in solar storms starting next year. Dr. Hundley does a great job of detailing each prediction in a concise and understandable way. Previous to reading this book, I had heard of several of these predictions, but was not familiar with any of them in great detail, and now at least feel more educated about how some people are saying the end of humanity will come.

I do, however, take issue with the subtitle of this book, “A Christian guide to the question everyone is asking”. While reading the book, I discussed it with several different people and I did not run into one person who was asking the question, “Will the world end in 2012?” Most people had heard some of the predictions but none really believe any of them to be true. So I am not sure that Dr. Hundley’s proposition is correct that everyone is concerned with what will happen to the world in 2012. I also didn’t like the wimpy way the book ended. The first ten chapters lay out the predictions in detail and then the last two seek to answer the question, “will the world end?”, and how someone should react to this information. The answer to the question is “maybe, maybe not” (which seems a weak conclusion to a book dealing with the question) and the answer to how someone should react is just a listing of the steps of salvation. I just think that if people are asking the question, “will the world end in 2012?”, they need a little bit more than just a sermon on how this person believes salvation takes place.


Chronological Guide to the Bible

Chronological Guide to the Bible is the best book I have so far reviewed for Thomas Nelson Publishers. The editors of this reference book did a superb job of organizing Scripture into more chronologically digestible pieces by dividing it into 9 historical epochs. I did not just read this reference book, but actually incorporated it into my own personal Bible study to decide its true value as a guide through Scripture.

I believe the editors of Chronological Guide to the Bible have put together one of the best all around study supplements. First, they did really well with balancing scientific discovery and the Biblical literature. Admitting that there were many differences sometimes between the two, they did not try to belittle one and elevate the other. They aimed for harmony and did really well with hitting that target. And where harmony was not possible, they mentioned the differences and moved on.

Secondly, they provided the right amount of ancient anthropology, geography and history without overwhelming readers who are not generally drawn to such topics.

Finally, the layout of the pages made it a visually enjoyable read. Plenty of pictures, charts, and grafts laid out in modern styles added to the overall greatness of this book.

Love in Stereo

I love seeing people who are really out there trying to use their talents and gifts for the benefit of others. The other night at the Love in Stereo kick-off party I got to witness first-hand a new generation giving birth to a new movement. Check out what they are doing. Exciting stuff. Makes me want to shed my old skin.

Ohhhhh nooooooo! I was just wonderin’ about that paper boy. Just…wonderin’ when he’s gonna come back by? :D

So, I joined this formspringme deal expecting some good questions.

Well…here is the first one I got- “Ohhhhh nooooooo! I was just wonderin’ about that paper boy. Just…wonderin’ when he’s gonna come back by? :D”

Not sure what to make of it? Me either. I tried googling it to see if it happened to be song lyrics. It wasn’t. So I urban dictionaried paper boy to see if I was being called something I didn’t understand. This is what urbandictionary.com had for me:

  1. noun, slang, technical. Someone who still reads books on paper instead of an e-book reader.
  2. A “Graffiti Writer” that claims he writes but only does graffiti on paper
  3. Someone who deals drugs, usually heroine.

Though I have been known throw up some mad tags, I typically try to do that on the abandoned ware houses around town and not waste good paper; and though I have been known to deal some heroin when I needed something really bad; I am going to say that (if this person was urban-dictionary-referencing me) the first definition must be the one this person was going for.

It is true that I can’t stand reading e-books. The words seem too far away and the brightness of the screen gets to me after a while. Plus the feel is just not the same. I love the smell of a real book, the texture of the pages, the weight of it in my hands. At my house, when an Amazon order arrives, we say, “it’s a great day.” There is just something so much more intimate about lying in bed with a good book than booting up the old harddrive. The stories are more tangible, the characters much more real, the experience just all around better.

I love technology, but this is one thing that will never change.

I almost got you this.

Daddy/daughter Dance

Well, tonight I took Layla to her first daddy/daughter dance. Which, consequently, since she is my only daughter, was also my first daddy/daughter dance. It was real cute. I actually got really excited about getting dressed up (which never happens) and taking my gorgeous little 3-year old to the local YMCA and dancing the night away (well, at least until 8:30). She was adorable! Her mommy- also gorgeous- curled her hair, painted her nails and had L dressed in a red silk gown with “matching” pink glittered princess slippers. I had on a suit (I know, take a minute to let that sink in) with a matching red tie. Once all dressed, we were both really excited about our dance! It was real cute. There was food and dancing, balloons and pictures. It was real cute. She danced on my shoes, and I held her for one dance. She danced with many other kids and you could really see the joy in her eyes all night. It was real cute.

In the course of the evening, I came to understand one new thing about my daughter. She is a blessing to people. No matter who it was (except for one little snooty 4-year-old) everyone wanted her to dance with them. She approaches people without fear and with a true sincerity to befriend them. I love seeing this in her. Even though she is only 3, she is reflecting back to people the love of God that lives inside her. This new understanding has brought great joy to me tonight and I wanted to share with you. I am posting some pics below of our dance. As you are reading this, I hope you are also have something or someone in your life that is bringing you great joy. If not, seek them out.


Who wants to try this with me?!