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Ohhhhh nooooooo! I was just wonderin’ about that paper boy. Just…wonderin’ when he’s gonna come back by? :D

So, I joined this formspringme deal expecting some good questions.

Well…here is the first one I got- “Ohhhhh nooooooo! I was just wonderin’ about that paper boy. Just…wonderin’ when he’s gonna come back by? :D”

Not sure what to make of it? Me either. I tried googling it to see if it happened to be song lyrics. It wasn’t. So I urban dictionaried paper boy to see if I was being called something I didn’t understand. This is what had for me:

  1. noun, slang, technical. Someone who still reads books on paper instead of an e-book reader.
  2. A “Graffiti Writer” that claims he writes but only does graffiti on paper
  3. Someone who deals drugs, usually heroine.

Though I have been known throw up some mad tags, I typically try to do that on the abandoned ware houses around town and not waste good paper; and though I have been known to deal some heroin when I needed something really bad; I am going to say that (if this person was urban-dictionary-referencing me) the first definition must be the one this person was going for.

It is true that I can’t stand reading e-books. The words seem too far away and the brightness of the screen gets to me after a while. Plus the feel is just not the same. I love the smell of a real book, the texture of the pages, the weight of it in my hands. At my house, when an Amazon order arrives, we say, “it’s a great day.” There is just something so much more intimate about lying in bed with a good book than booting up the old harddrive. The stories are more tangible, the characters much more real, the experience just all around better.

I love technology, but this is one thing that will never change.


I almost got you this.


Who wants to try this with me?!

Snuggies, Weezer and acoustic music

Though deeply saddened recently by Weezer’s profiteering sell-out to a Snuggie infocommercial simply to sell a new album (I mean this is one of the bands that drove me to be alternative, maybe naively so, back in the mid-90s), I do take some solace in several titles on the album:

    I’m Your Daddy
    The Girl Got Hot
    Let It All Hang out

But my favorite one so far (I have been replaying it nonstop from YouTube since I have yet to purchase the album [Thanks YouTube]) is this one. And since I really love when artists release acoustic versions of their songs, I have chosen to post the version of the song they do with Sara Bareilles. Great, great song.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Awesome…just awesome

Even though at age 14 I though Muppet’s Treasure Island was the best thing ever created, I must say that this has far outdone even that. (Also, if ever proof was needed that Jim Henson smoked a lot of the good herb, here it is.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Pee Sermon

So, I was a little premature in making my posting for today. This one beats the midget choir singing Blink182. Sorry I can’t embed the video- WordPress wants me to pay for that luxury or use Firefox for anything other than Youtube and Google Video.

Pee Sermon video

Blink182 Tribute Wednesday

Preface: This video will have some vulgar language in it

But there’s nothing more humorous than Blink182 being sung by a choir that has a midget. Watch and I am sure you will agree that I had no choice but to share.