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Daddy/daughter Dance

Well, tonight I took Layla to her first daddy/daughter dance. Which, consequently, since she is my only daughter, was also my first daddy/daughter dance. It was real cute. I actually got really excited about getting dressed up (which never happens) and taking my gorgeous little 3-year old to the local YMCA and dancing the night away (well, at least until 8:30). She was adorable! Her mommy- also gorgeous- curled her hair, painted her nails and had L dressed in a red silk gown with “matching” pink glittered princess slippers. I had on a suit (I know, take a minute to let that sink in) with a matching red tie. Once all dressed, we were both really excited about our dance! It was real cute. There was food and dancing, balloons and pictures. It was real cute. She danced on my shoes, and I held her for one dance. She danced with many other kids and you could really see the joy in her eyes all night. It was real cute.

In the course of the evening, I came to understand one new thing about my daughter. She is a blessing to people. No matter who it was (except for one little snooty 4-year-old) everyone wanted her to dance with them. She approaches people without fear and with a true sincerity to befriend them. I love seeing this in her. Even though she is only 3, she is reflecting back to people the love of God that lives inside her. This new understanding has brought great joy to me tonight and I wanted to share with you. I am posting some pics below of our dance. As you are reading this, I hope you are also have something or someone in your life that is bringing you great joy. If not, seek them out.