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Ohhhhh nooooooo! I was just wonderin’ about that paper boy. Just…wonderin’ when he’s gonna come back by? :D

So, I joined this formspringme deal expecting some good questions.

Well…here is the first one I got- “Ohhhhh nooooooo! I was just wonderin’ about that paper boy. Just…wonderin’ when he’s gonna come back by? :D”

Not sure what to make of it? Me either. I tried googling it to see if it happened to be song lyrics. It wasn’t. So I urban dictionaried paper boy to see if I was being called something I didn’t understand. This is what had for me:

  1. noun, slang, technical. Someone who still reads books on paper instead of an e-book reader.
  2. A “Graffiti Writer” that claims he writes but only does graffiti on paper
  3. Someone who deals drugs, usually heroine.

Though I have been known throw up some mad tags, I typically try to do that on the abandoned ware houses around town and not waste good paper; and though I have been known to deal some heroin when I needed something really bad; I am going to say that (if this person was urban-dictionary-referencing me) the first definition must be the one this person was going for.

It is true that I can’t stand reading e-books. The words seem too far away and the brightness of the screen gets to me after a while. Plus the feel is just not the same. I love the smell of a real book, the texture of the pages, the weight of it in my hands. At my house, when an Amazon order arrives, we say, “it’s a great day.” There is just something so much more intimate about lying in bed with a good book than booting up the old harddrive. The stories are more tangible, the characters much more real, the experience just all around better.

I love technology, but this is one thing that will never change.


Eating Animals…boo! (a.k.a Toying with becoming vegan)

I have found myself in a dietary quandary lately. I finished reading Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer about 3 weeks ago and since then have not been able to eat many meals with relative moral comfort (don’t get me wrong, I am still eating whatever I want but am just feeling bad about it afterwards). Not since reading Gandhi- which catapulted me into vegetarianism 2.5 years ago- have I been so convicted of the far reaching effects my eating choices have.

Normally a fiction writer ( Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close), this is Foer’s first stab at a non-fiction work. It is based on his own journey with dietary choices set off by the upcoming birth of his first child. Though definitely not a book that champions the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, it is one that will cause you to think about how the choices you make at the grocery store or restaurant impact more than just your waistline or pocketbook.

At least it did for me. Can I eat sushi now that I know 140 other animals are killed in the process of catching enough of the right fish to make me one Spicy Tuna Roll? Can I eat that pound of shrimp now knowing the trawling it takes to collect them destroys miles of underwater ocean environment that takes years to replace? Can I buy eggs from Walmart or Kroger knowing that more than 250 million male chicks are slaughtered at birth each year simply because they were not blessed with the right parts to lay eggs while we mock with this waste the 250 million+ people around the world who go hungry each day? Should I, as a father, make bold dietary decisions now for my child so that a new generation grows up that is aware of these issues and takes action to make things better? Needless to say, every time I sit down to eat something other than a salad or potato, these questions constantly swarm through my head.

So, I have been toying with taking another step in my dietary evolution and becoming a vegan. The mockery we have made of the blessings we have been given, I can no longer ignore. We are dishonoring created life through our gluttonous drive to have more meat, eggs and dairy products sooner- regardless of the negative side effects it has on us, our children, and the animals used to produce these products. But there are several problems with me becoming a vegan:

    1. I don’t really know any vegans so I am a little unsure of how to truly become one
    2. It seems expensive. Can my budget handle it?
    3. I am not the only one in the house. Can my wife and kid make that commitment as well? If not, it would be nigh impossible to make it happen

Any helpful thoughts out there would be greatly appreciated. I did want to give a shout out to a new blog- Soundly Vegan – that I ran into over at E’s blog. I respect their decision to go vegan because, in their own words, “we’re now a part of a much bigger cause by honoring life”. That is something I can get behind.

I have plans to make the Guajillo Chili Bean Burgers here soon. If you are around Jtown next Tuesday let me know and you can sample them with us.