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Love in Stereo

I love seeing people who are really out there trying to use their talents and gifts for the benefit of others. The other night at the Love in Stereo kick-off party I got to witness first-hand a new generation giving birth to a new movement. Check out what they are doing. Exciting stuff. Makes me want to shed my old skin.


Captialism: A Love Story- My Take

Okay, so I have been meaning to write my thoughts about Capitalism: A Love Story since me and The Twin went to see it Tuesday in Memphis but just haven’t found the time until today. I will list my thoughts below in order of hugeness but, first, there is only 1 theatre in West TN that is even playing the film! Isn’t that outrageous. I mean it is #6 at the Box Offi​ce! I guess my friend at Letters from the American Interior should have something East-coasty to say about this.

    1. America is a mess. I don’t care if you hate Micahel Moore and just want to gnash your teeth at him, but he is right in one thing- America as we know it is messed up. ​​​He has gotten a lot of flak over the past few years because people think he is a socialst/communist bafoon but really he is an American-loving, status quo-non-accepting- grease ball. In this film, he gets back to his roots with attacking the establishments that purposefully and deviously work against American democracy- our current form of American capitalism. Companies taking out secret life insurance policies on their employs and then counting income from that in their yearly fiscal projections. “Representatives” benfitting from backdoor mortgage deals while many Americans (including this middle class blogger) are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments. Corporations running the Treasury Dept. of the US Government at the highest levels. Tax payer bail out money in the billions going to companies who mismanaged their wealth and yet still continue to lay off workers who did nothing but their jobs.

    2. Everyone skews data in their favor. I am not a Michael Mooreite so I don’t pretend that he is 100% honest with the “facts”. But no one. So don’t let inaccurate data distract you from the fact that America is messed up.

    3. This is not anti-American. Talking against the structures in society that are causing harm to those not rich enough to do something about it (i.e. you and me) is as American as it can get. “Taxation without representation” was a war cry of the Revolutionary War. Our new one should just simply be “Without Representation.Period.”

    4. You will laugh your butt off at the scene where Michael Moore dubs over Jesus’ voice to say pro-Capitalism slogans. I almost peed.

I have many other thoughts but I don’t want to spoil the movie. But you should watch it and then you should research some of the stuff for yourself. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Michael Moore: A Love Story

Check out this interview with Michael Moore on Nightline. Also, there is a trailer for Capitalism: A Love Story coming out this Friday. Watch em. Let me know what you think.

The Saddest Pride

Today, I went with V, L and E to Pinson Mounds State Park for their annual Archeofest. Pinson Mounds is a Native American burial ground site, so the ‘Fest was basically dedicated to Native American culture. Having never been to a Native American Culture Festival, I did not quite know what to expect. In all honesty, it was really just a flea market featuring Native American ware sold by Vietnam-vet-motorcycle-gang-ponytailed white guys (not that I have anything against Vietnam-vet-motorcycle-gang-ponytailed white guys, it’s just that they’re not Native American).

In the back corner of the festival, they did have certain times where you could go and watch Native American singing, dancing or flute playing. Most of those people were Native American or at least part Native American. It was in this corner that I witnessed the saddest pride I have ever seen.

V, L, E and I went over there to watch a middle-age Native American woman sing and introduce the dances of her nieces. It was very clear in her descriptions of the songs and dances that she had a deep pride for her culture and that she was glad she could pass it on to the next generation. It was sad because it was set up and displayed like a circus side show. At a festival dedicate to Native Ameircan culture, the only true Native Americans doing Native American stuff were stuck in the back corner with a horrible sound system and an impossible task of getting people to invest in their culture. And the white people who were there just to make money were put front and center. Seems like that has been their entire modern history.
I truly enjoyed the displays of culture that we watched but left with a deep sense of sadness for these people and their culture.

It seems we are effectively destroying the only indigienous culture we have here in America and that is really sad to see in a country founded on both freedom and expression.

Mama T and Fasting Me

Mother Theresa (my new crush) said, “To understand poverty, one must touch it.” For the next 30-hours, me and a group of my friends are attempting to touch poverty on some small level. We have all signed onto doing a 30-Hour Famine which will raise awareness in the community and funds for starving children through World Vision. For each of us this means no food for 30 hours- from noon today until 6pm tomorrow night.

This is not the first time I have fasted, but it is the first time I have fasted with a wholly outward focus and motivation. In the past, when I have fasted, it has been a very personal, intimate time with God seeking His direction. But I am really getting into this fasting for something greater than myself.

    Isn’t this the kind of fasting that I want:
    To free those who have been wrongly imprisioned;
    To lighten the burden of those who work for you;
    To let the oppressed go free,
    and to remove the chains that bind people;
    To share your food with the hungry,
    and give shelter to the homeless;
    To give clothes to those who need them,
    and to not hide from those who need your help?

Though I will eat again tomorrow night and will probably never worry about where my next meal is coming from, in these next 30 hours I will seek solidarity with those have no hope day to day and I will seek to share my food with them.

    My Prayer for the Hungry
    Merciful Father,
    I give praise to you today for being the God of all people-
    The haves and the have-nots,
    The satisfied and the pleading,
    The filled and the hungry.
    And I come before you now as one who has and is satisfied and is filled.
    But my prayer today is for those who have not,
    for those who are pleading,
    for those who are starving.
    I pray that you will look down on them in loving pity.
    I pray that you will fill them today.
    And if that means that you must take away from me so that they may have,
    Then I beg you to do so, Father.
    I pray that you will lay it on the hearts of the rich
    To provide for the bodies of the poor.
    Today, I pray that you will bring together both the rich and the poor
    As the Brotherhood of Man
    Under the Fatherhood of Heaven.
    In the name of the One who was rich and yet became poor so I could be satisfied.


Today, I visited Jackson State here in town and handed out free muffins and coffee to students on there way to and from class. I went with little expectations of starting meaningful conversations, and yet, was blown away with the number of people who not only wanted a free muffin but also wanted to chat. It was great getting to meet new people in a very safe, unassuming environment. I plan on going back each week to see what happens.

I have decided that adventures like these will be termed sociospiritual experiments. It seems that people in general are becoming more leary and less trusting of each other. We make so many decision based on fear (where is safe for me to go, who is safe for me to hang out with, etc.). If someone disagrees with our viewpoints we tend to write them off and discontinue further dialogue with them. But what took place today at JState was something good for the soul- the spirit. It showed me that it wasn’t about me being good or nice, but it was about the collective “us” interacting in harmony. And when we do that, we revive peacful social norms and peacefully revive our spirits.

Restoring My Faith in Humanity

Okay, so, if you ask those closest too me to list some of my more prominent characterstics, pessimism/being critical would have to be near the top. I don’t mop around all day, but I simply tend to see the faults and failings in people, businesses, and (most of all) politenemies (I mean, politicians).

But, today, my faith in humanity took a huge bump up. Me and a good friend, M, are planning a 30-hour Famine for high school and college students to help raise money for World Vision which then feeds starving children in the 3rd world. To help meet our goals and to make include the Jackson community in it, we went to some local businesses today to find some corporate sponsors. My opinion of the corporate machine is not very good; but today, without fail, almost every business we visited agreed to help sponsor this event. In particular, on my kudos list for today will go McAlisters, Chick-Fil-A and Coffman furniture. Not only did they already have processes in place to participate in local events like this, but they are going to reach into their own pockets to contribute to our 30-hour Famine.

I have been on a humanity high ever since then. Great people, good businesses, full children.