“Will the World End in 2012” by Raymond Hundley

About 2 weeks ago I finished reading, “Will the World End in 2012: A Christian guide to the question everyone’s asking” by Raymond Hundley, PhD. The book explores the top ten predictions being circulated about the world ending in 2012- most of them deriving from or centering around either the Mayan long-count calendar or the increase in solar storms starting next year. Dr. Hundley does a great job of detailing each prediction in a concise and understandable way. Previous to reading this book, I had heard of several of these predictions, but was not familiar with any of them in great detail, and now at least feel more educated about how some people are saying the end of humanity will come.

I do, however, take issue with the subtitle of this book, “A Christian guide to the question everyone is asking”. While reading the book, I discussed it with several different people and I did not run into one person who was asking the question, “Will the world end in 2012?” Most people had heard some of the predictions but none really believe any of them to be true. So I am not sure that Dr. Hundley’s proposition is correct that everyone is concerned with what will happen to the world in 2012. I also didn’t like the wimpy way the book ended. The first ten chapters lay out the predictions in detail and then the last two seek to answer the question, “will the world end?”, and how someone should react to this information. The answer to the question is “maybe, maybe not” (which seems a weak conclusion to a book dealing with the question) and the answer to how someone should react is just a listing of the steps of salvation. I just think that if people are asking the question, “will the world end in 2012?”, they need a little bit more than just a sermon on how this person believes salvation takes place.


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