Chronological Guide to the Bible

Chronological Guide to the Bible is the best book I have so far reviewed for Thomas Nelson Publishers. The editors of this reference book did a superb job of organizing Scripture into more chronologically digestible pieces by dividing it into 9 historical epochs. I did not just read this reference book, but actually incorporated it into my own personal Bible study to decide its true value as a guide through Scripture.

I believe the editors of Chronological Guide to the Bible have put together one of the best all around study supplements. First, they did really well with balancing scientific discovery and the Biblical literature. Admitting that there were many differences sometimes between the two, they did not try to belittle one and elevate the other. They aimed for harmony and did really well with hitting that target. And where harmony was not possible, they mentioned the differences and moved on.

Secondly, they provided the right amount of ancient anthropology, geography and history without overwhelming readers who are not generally drawn to such topics.

Finally, the layout of the pages made it a visually enjoyable read. Plenty of pictures, charts, and grafts laid out in modern styles added to the overall greatness of this book.


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