My Story of Stuff

So, the other day I posted a link to the website The Story of Stuff. If you were able to watch that video you probably connected well with the idea that individuals are highly valued as consumers. Well, I thought about that in my context and so I have chosen to write here about my story of stuff.

I started with my clothes. I am not a flashy dresser or a person who is too concerned with the image that I present to people but I have been trouble opening and closing my dresser drawers and stuffing more shirts into my closet for about the past two years. So I decided to go through all my stuff and get rid of all the stuff I didn’t need. So after two days, here is what I have thus far decided to get rid of:

    20 tshirts/polos
    16 button-up shirts
    9 pairs of pants
    A wild assortment of never used socks
    4 pairs of shoes
    2 ties
    1 belt

I don’t say any of this to brag on myself. Because during the whole process, I was like, “I can’t get rid of that because if I am going out with some new couple friends, I have to wear this shirt because it says I am cool and laid back”. Or, “This tshirt has been a cornerstone of my above-the-image look since high school”. Or, well, etc. But even though I got rid of all that stuff, I still have 3 button-up shirts in every color, 20 tshirts, 9 pairs of pants, 4 pairs of short, 8 pairs of shoes, 4 belts, and a still wild assortment of random socks (because here’s the deal: I don’t wear socks).

But at least I have started in on dealing with my problem with stuff; with allowing myself to be defined by what I own and what else I can accumulate. Try it, it is freeing. Here are some pics.


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