Getting the Masses Moving

Preface: All politcal views put forward in this chatter are subject to change at any time. I do not now, nor ever have, claimed to have a consistent politcal view in my life.

That said, even though I can’t come to a conclusive viewpoint in my own life, I do enjoy studying different forms of politics (both their history in America and their practice abroad). My current obsession politique is Communism. Now, before you crucify me or start having Homeland Security monitor all my communications; I have lived in China, have visited Cambodia, and have a deep man-crush on Che Guevara. So, really, it is only fair that I get to know these things in a more intimate way (more intimate with Che, ahhh….). Anyway, day dream over.

Now, I am not so naive to believe that communist revolutionaries are not in it for more than just adherence to some political theory. In fact, I believe they, like all other political figures, are in it for the power and control they receive through politics(except Che. Okay, sorry, last Che reference I promise). But the one point of Communism that I have fallen in love with is their belief that if the masses can get moving real change can be accomplished.

My current reading on Communism is a biography on Mao Zedong titled, appropriately, Mao: A Life by Phillip Short. Had it not been for Mao’s incredible ability to unify and mobilize the 100s of millions of Chinese peasants, the Communists in China would have never come to power.

So, point? All I hear around me from people, regardless of politcal affiliation, is a deep-seeded pessimism, distrust, and total lack of respect for the current politcal situation in America. The solution: get the masses moving. If someone came along to unify and mobilize the masses of Americans, the changes that are needed in health care, in corporate greed, in politcal opportunism, in education, and in everything else that we see and don’t like could be accomplished.

Che, come and get the masses moving.


2 responses to this post.

  1. You clearly also have ambivalence to spelling the word “politIcal” correctly. I do not judge.

    Devil’s Advocate: why would you want the masses moving? The masses will never move together, esp. in America where most of them have a modicum of education. Is the solution to get the masses moving, or is it for “someone came along to unify and mobilize the masses of Americans”?


  2. Posted by themuffinman on September 2, 2009 at 11:06 am

    In all instances I have studied, it has taken someone to get the masses moving. I think the masses in America would unite, depite their modicum of education, behind someone who was sincere and truly wanted to represent them. Our current representatives and senators represent themselves or their rich campaign donors and care naught for the masses of Americans who they are supposed to represent.


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