Restoring My Faith in Humanity

Okay, so, if you ask those closest too me to list some of my more prominent characterstics, pessimism/being critical would have to be near the top. I don’t mop around all day, but I simply tend to see the faults and failings in people, businesses, and (most of all) politenemies (I mean, politicians).

But, today, my faith in humanity took a huge bump up. Me and a good friend, M, are planning a 30-hour Famine for high school and college students to help raise money for World Vision which then feeds starving children in the 3rd world. To help meet our goals and to make include the Jackson community in it, we went to some local businesses today to find some corporate sponsors. My opinion of the corporate machine is not very good; but today, without fail, almost every business we visited agreed to help sponsor this event. In particular, on my kudos list for today will go McAlisters, Chick-Fil-A and Coffman furniture. Not only did they already have processes in place to participate in local events like this, but they are going to reach into their own pockets to contribute to our 30-hour Famine.

I have been on a humanity high ever since then. Great people, good businesses, full children.


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