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Okay, so, at best, I am a semi-enviornmentalist.  I recycle. I try to buy locally grown, organic produce and dairy.  I own only one car and wish that I lived in a place with real public transportation.  But there had been this side of me that really thought these extreme environmentalists were a bit wacko.  Until now. 

I checked out the following YouTube channel<> and almost cried during the discussion of the damage that plastics cause not only to the environment but especially to our own bodies.  I have a three year old and the discussion of how bottles and plastic cups break down and release dangerous chemicals into their bodies made me feel like the worst parent ever. 

After watching it, I called up the wifey (from henceforth referred to as V), and told her that I would be throwing away (okay, really recycling) all of our cups and possibly the plates and bowls as well.  Call me wacko (V’s tone said she thought so), but I for one do not want my child to either have thyroid cancer or so much estrogene-like chemicals in her body that she is messed over for life.  You can mess with me, but not with the kid. 

Anyway, check out this YouTube channel .  The series that it highlights is an uber award winning series done by PBS with Ed Norton and company.  It will def open your eyes to how our simple daily actions effect the world around us.


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  1. I did that earlier this summer–gave up plastic measuring cups and mixing bowls. Weeded plastic drinking cups out of my cabinet. Haven’t yet come up with a good way to replace food storage containers, though. Since my thyroid is vacillatory, at best, I figure it can’t hurt to try getting rid of as many environmental pollutants as I can. Did you read the article about the plastics garbage dump in the Pacific?


  2. Me too, inspired by both Erin and some other reading I was doing. I now drink my water from a mason jar at my desk that I wash out every day. Everyone thinks it’s cute to ask if it’s moonshine. “Vodka,” I correct them.

    I don’t think it takes an environmentalist to recognize steps that can be taken to stave off at least a little of the harm that comes from our surroundings. I’ve been trying to be more conscious of such–in the past two years or so, I’ve eliminated artificial sweeteners almost completely–as well phasing out the aforementioned plastic–and my new project is all-natural hair care. I’ll let you know how that goes :).

    P.S. Be ready to be dubbed a “hippie” by the masses. I’m pretty much used to that, though…


  3. A mason jar? Hmm…I’m pretty sure our local antiques store has several waiting to be rescued from obscurity.


  4. Well, this one is really a Del Monte Sunfresh Pineapple jar, but same thing. It took several washings to get the pineapple flavor off the rim.


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